Every account got its own website URL. This will be the link to communicate to your clients. You can also place this link behind a button on your website to link to your booking site.

The link is automatically generated using your first and last name as prefix to the proagenda.com extension. For example John Doe's website link will be johndoe.proagenda.com. If, somehow, your name is already taken, the system will add a number to it like: johndoe1.proagenda.com.

Please be aware that once you've change your personal link ProAgenda.com will not be redirecting from your previous URL. Make sure you change this in all your communications and website.
Changing your booking site link

Click on "Menu" > "Settings" on the top left of your screen or using the "Setting" tile from the Dashboard.
Click on "Agenda setting"
The text behind "My agenda" is the prefix for your personal booking site.

If you change the your agenda link please make sure to scroll down and click on "Save"

You can view the clients view from your booking site by clicking on the given link.
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