Within The ProAgenda pro or academy system, it is possible to allow your clients to navigate directly to your offering of packages. You can use this to direct link to place on your website for example to let clients buy a discount package before they start booking there appointments.

Where do I get my direct link to my packages

Login to your pro account
Open your settings
Open My agenda setting
Click on your agenda link (see image)

This will open a new window in your browser with your personal agenda. We will now use this link to create a link directly to your packages

In the example above we see that the agenda link is as follows: https://gerrydyer.proagenda.com/#agenda

To create the direct package link we have to add a part at the end of the URL/link: /package
Make sure it looks like this: https://gerrydyer.proagenda.com/#agenda/package

Click enter to test the link and see if the package screen shows up. If it does, you can use this link wherever you please.

Please note that this link will not work correctly if you do not have any packages setup in the system
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