If you would like to book an item in your agenda the first selection is the appointment type. Next to the (group) appointments, these lesson types will book a lesson with a client or open a slot for your client to book, you have 4 other options. In this article you read how to use them.

How do I use other appointment types in my agenda?

As professional you can always overwrite any slot in your agenda. This gives you the flexibility in the moments you you don't have the time to change your agenda settings or to import new clients.

Click on the specific slot in your agenda to choose between the different option:

Not available: You're days/weeks unavailable.
If you've set an availability period but for any reason you're not available in this period (e.g. for annual leave, training days, etc.) you can book a Not available slot. This way you can manually adjust your availability without changing your availability settings.

Break: Daily off-time for any type of break
You can book this appointment type to block a time slot for your lunch-/dinner breaks. Mostly used on a recurring basis.

Other: Book an appointment (with price) without client information
Sometimes you don't have the time or information to add a new client to your database. In that case you can quickly book a slot with the Other appointment type. You can also add a price to this lesson type.

The agenda will not send any confirmation or reminder e-mails for this appointment type. Therefore we advice you to eventually add the client to the database.

Availability: Fully booked and hungry for more this week?
If you want to quickly extend your availability on a specific day within a fixed set availability period (read how to) you can use this appointment type. Booking an availability slot your agenda will be available for the specified hours/day.
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