You need to setup your availability to show your clients when you're available for booking and when not. With setting your availability correctly you can distinguish your availability per location, per period (season/off-season) and per day. The system will ask you to set your availability in this order. To start you go to the top right of your screen Menu > Settings.

How do I setup my availability?

Click on Availability settings.

Create availability location(s)
The system auto-generates a location based on the information you entered during your registration. Because the system makes it possible to setup availability for multiple locations within one account. If you are working on multiple locations you can create them by clicking New. Search for your location in the list or create a new one if your location is not listed.

Tip: The system generates a second URL which you can use for your communications (website, mailings, socials etc.)

Create availability period(s)
Here you can create a new (or additional) period.

Here you can adjust your current period or create availability for a future period , for example if you have different availability for the on- and off-season.
Select the location and fill in the hours you work on the different days on the selected location. Make sure you do this for all available locations (deselect all if you have no availability in the period).

If you have irregular working hours please setup your availability as broad as it needs to be, you can always block hours of specific weeks/days in your agenda manually. Click here how to use other appointment types for availability management.

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