Within the system it is possible to set a specific period in which your clients can make bookings. This is set besides your main availability. For example: You can have availability for the next five months but only allow your clients to make bookings for the next two weeks. This is a good way to control your agenda and bookings.

How do I set future booking restrictions?

Login to your pro account
Open your settings
Open My agenda settings
Tick the checkbox in front of Restrict future bookings

Set the number of weeks/months you want to allow bookings in the future
Click save

How does it work exactly?

Let's say you have set your future booking restriction to 1 month and today is the first of May. This will mean your clients can make bookings until the 31st of May. Any bookings they try to make after that date will give them a notification to either pick a different date or contact you.

As the owner of the agenda, you are of course not influenced by these restrictions and can book outside of the period that you have set.
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