In this article we show you how to schedule recurring or multi-day appointments. Recurring appointments can be appointments of any type (regular/individual or group appointments, breaks, etc.). While multi-day appointments are specifically designed for group appointments. Basically multi-day appointments are recurring appointments stringed together, meaning that if a client subscribes to one of the sessions within the string they will automatically be booked for all sessions. This can be useful for multi-day programs, camps, etc.

As mentioned we are only covering how to schedule these appointments. If you would like to know how to setup multi-day group appointments check out this article.

How do I schedule recurring appointments?

Click on the Agenda tile from the Dashboard.

Choose a date and time slot in your agenda for your first session.
Select the desired appointment type and client and click on the recurrence box.

In this case I set the recurrence to weekly, chose every two weeks, for 10 upcoming sessions (maximum nr. of upcoming sessions is 20). If you would like see the exact dates and if there are no conflict in your schedule you can or would like to skip one week you can manually adjust the recurrence by clicking on select dates.

If you would like to skip a session or if one is conflicting with another appointment you can (de)select the date. Click on Save.

Once you've selected the desired dates you can save the appointment and it is now shown in your agenda.
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