If you would like to give your clients swing analyses, homework progressions or other tips, you can let your client upload a media file and share it with you. To be able to do this they first need to be logged into their account on your agenda (See: How can clients login to my booking site?). Every student got his own coaching and media section in their account. This is like a media database that collects all uploaded (/send) and received homework/assignments etc.

How can my client upload a media file?
Go to My Account on the top left of your screen
Click on the tile Coaching and media

Client account

Click on Add and share
Click on Select file... and Open the selected file
Fill in the title and description (a) and choose if you would like to share the media with your professional (b).
Click on Upload files

Your media is now added to your Coaching and media and send to your professional if applicable.

Where can I find the file my student send me?
Once a client have uploaded a media file you will receive an email notification called New media uploaded.

Dear John Doe, Your student has uploaded a new media file to his/her web page. You are able to view this video on the students media page. You can analyze the video and send it back through the media page or our iPad application.

Login to your ProAgenda (https://pro.proagenda.com/)
Go to Clients
Scroll through your clients or search your student in the search bar
Scroll down to the Member media section to see all media of your student
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