When starting with the ProAgenda.com you can easily migrate your students from any other database or import new clients in bulk from external files like Excel. Imported clients will receive a notification by email. The message in this notification is depending on whether the clients' mail address is already active, this could be the case if your student used ProAgenda before.

If you're welcoming students to ProAgenda.com we offer you the opportunity to personalize the welcome message that you send out to your clients. Please check out our migration services for more info.

How to import multiple clients into your account
It is possible to import a large amount of clients into the ProAgenda.com system in one go. To do this please take the following steps:

From the Dashboard, go to Clients
Click on Import on the top of your menu

Top of your Clients section

Click on Download template. This will download an .CSV file to your computer, you can open this file with Excel.

Fill and save the .CSV file

Please enter or paste your clients' details in this file. Note: Make sure you do not change the headers or the import will fail!
When you are done, save the file on your computer. Below you can see a correctly filled file.

Import your clients
Next you go back to your ProAgenda.com and go to your Clients section. Click on Import, select the file you saved on your computer (a) and click import (b).
The system should now start your import. This can take a couple of minutes depending on the number of clients.

Import results
When the import is done, all clients will receive an email invitation to your agenda and can register for a full account.

If there are any clients from the file that are not imported, you will get to see a file with the respective error message. In this file, you can correct the wrong entries. After your corrections you can save this file and retry the import like the steps above. Note: Make sure not to import the full list again but only the failed items.
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