This feature is only available in our PREMIUM subscription

Within the system appointments can be marked as paid in three ways. two are automated and one is manual
The automated payments are:

Through a package
Through an online payment

The manual payment gives you 2 payments types

In the academy, It is possible to extend these manual payment types

How do I add more payment types?

Login to the academy account
Open the settings
Open Payment Setting (PREMIUM feature)
Next to payment types, click ADD

In the popup you can create as many payment types as you want

Type the name (i.e: Invoice)
Click Add
Repeat 1 and 2 if you would like to add more.
Click close

The final step is activating or deactivating the payment types you would like to use

(un)check the payment types you would (not) like to use
Click Save (Created payment types will be lost if you do not save your settings)

How does it work exactly?

When either the agenda owner or academy users marks an appointment as paid, they can set/choose the way the appointment is paid. The options that are available are the ones that are set in the academy payment types. This way it is easier to track how the appointment was paid by the client.
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